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Newest Members

2,137 members total

Niu, Lucy ('98) 0616718
Kyung (Spicer), June ('08) 0612440
Babu, Sai ('05) 0612275
Ban, Jee Min ('13) 0612223
Pham, Phuong ('17) 0610736
Jiaxin, Yong ('17) 0610261
Shi Hou, Joshua Foo ('17) 0610258
Singh, Dwijraj ('17) 0610257
Wong, Jo Mun ('17) 0610256
Arrahjahpongsa, Anaknong ('17) 0610255
Low, Nicole ('17) 0610254
Oh, Hyeju ('17) 0610253
Zuo, man xia ('15) 0610112
Hubenova, Tsvetelina ('17) 0610047
Huang, Tony ('17) 0610016
Bilenko, Victoria ('16) 0610015
Mfugale, Damasi ('03) 0610008
Ebrahimi, Lena ('17) 0610004
Lebedeva, Anna ('17) 0610001
Mulia, Ryan ('17) 0609997
Portmann, Simon (Fac/Staff) 0609887
Wijareni (Bendara), Gusti (Reni) ('07) 0609861
Thapa (Jung), Kabir ('98) 0609843
Saviolidis, Katerina ('07) 0606288
Kim, Jimmy ('12) 0605892

For more information about IMI and ICI please follow these links:

Left Luggage

Have you left any luggage in the IMI storage room? Please note, that any items from 2015 or earlier that are not claimed or collected by 31st October 2018 will be recycled/destroyed due to the need to free up space. Please contact us ASAP should you have any items you wish to reclaim... Many thanks!

Graduation 2018

IMI's 2018 Graduation Ceremony will be held on the 26th September. If you are eligible for this year's graduation and would like to register, please email

2016 Graduation Photos

2017 Graduation Photos

25th Anniversary Alumni Reunion


Alumni Competition Winner

Alumni Snapshot!

Alumni Visit

Alumni featured in lifestyle magazine...

Alumni publishes cookbook

Alumni publishes first novel

Alumni return to guest lecture...

Alumni returns for Career Day...

Alumni visit for MBA...

Alumni visit...

Alumnus in World Travel Awards triumph...

Alumnus in new GM role...

Buy your IMI Hoody now...


Familiar Faces at International Night

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Holidays!

IMI Graduation 2017

IMI International Day - 4th June 2016

IMI Owners in Dubai...

IMI Summer Programme 2017

IMI comes to a fair near you...

Informal Alumni Gathering - Toronto

International Day

International Night

January newsletter now available...

Join us for International Night...

Korean Alumni Gathering

Luggage - Final Reminder

Lunar New Year Greetings

Open Day - 4th March

Russian alumna visits campus..

Season's Greetings to all Alumni!

Season's Greetings!

Special 2017 MBA Offer...

Special Alumni Offer...

Special Reunion dates announced...

Student Luggage

Taiwan Alumni Visit

Three for one!

US Internship Competition

Welcome back!

Alumnus visit to campus

Informal Alumni Gathering in Doha

IMI Network

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Meet our new Senior Culinary Lecturer....

IMI on Linkedin...

IMI China Reunions - October 2015

Latest Newsletter now available...

Wishing our Alumni a great summer!

Graduation 2015

Another semester coming to an end

A couple of announcements...

IMI Welcomes Interns in January 2015

IMI Alumni Reunion on February 12th 2015

IMI Welcomes New Interns July 2014

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